Success Stories

A 60 YEAR OLD will save over $300,000 in taxes on his retirement income by not paying taxes FOREVER on his retirement money. This strategy provided him with over 200% more income.

A 55 YEAR OLD restaurant owner was able to obtain financial aid from the colleges because the money the grandparents gave them was moved from an UTMA account to a strategy which kept the money off the FASFA form. This was true financial aid; not a loan. Thus, the money saved was able to be used for other college expenses

A 53 YEAR OLD MARKETING EXECUTIVE was able to obtain financial aid for his children while keeping the college money saved in the FAMILY BANK not the college’s bank.

A 44 YEAR OLD who will not have to use a 529 plan to pay for college. The 529 savings plan would have actually counted AGAINST them when applying for financial aid and may be lost in a market downturn! I helped them redirect money otherwise paid in income taxes toward college savings (letting the government pay for college!).