Victor M. – San Jose

I have been in the financial services business for more than 30 years and I have seen many types of plans and I can say with confidence that Edward’s plan designs are the best.

 No one puts the amount of time and effort to produce outcomes his clients are seeking.

If his clients ever knew the effort Edward puts into taking care of them they would understand how lucky they are to have him on their side…

Rena N. – Cotati, CA

Speaking my Truth:

What Edward teaches to his potential clients, (hopefully you), could sound too good to be true; however, it all is true! -And he’ll tell you the truth about the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly too!

With my analytical personality, I asked Edward for more and more information. I countered what he said with other sources. If you are skeptical, like I was, then do your research like I did…and then run to see Ed!

Edward Sanders is the real deal! He’s been there! He’s gained and he’s lost and he’s gained again, but this time, smarter and more determined to make sure you don’t loose like he had. He provides his customized findings specifically tailored to your situation in a timely manner and after reviewing the information I realized everything he said was right on the money!

The solutions he found allowed me to make my own choices, so that I felt in control of my money and how I would use it to work for me and my life’s path without investment risk. With Ed’s plans, I’m no longer worried about my future.

His plans work and the detail he gathers for his clients is remarkable. Let Edward Sanders work for you.

Tom H. – Walnut Creek, CA​

I consider Edward to be a pioneer attempting to RE-educate people about how best to protect and preserve their lifestyle through the major life events of putting kids through college and retirement.

What we’ve all been indoctrinated with regarding IRAs, 401Ks, etc. is at best misunderstood and at worst, misleading. And we’re seeing more and more in the press revealing what’s been perpetrated to the average investor by brokers and brokerages, mutual fund managers and their companies, etc.

When Warren Buffet responds never take a loss – we should all take notice! If for no other reason than to gain what is uncommon knowledge; you owe it to yourself to talk to Edward. I have heeded his advice for 10 years and slept soundly through the 2008/2009 Great Recession where I didn’t lose a dime of my principle and interest gains. How many people can say that about their retirement accounts?”

Steve B – Walnut Creek

When I met Edward it was clear he was a longer term thinker than most other types of advisers I have met. He listened to my objectives, asked questions and gave me choices which convinced me he was looking out for my best interests.

His plan design was extremely complete, flexible, easy to understand and on target to my objectives. Whenever I need information he responds very promptly with explanations so I can easily make decisions. There is no question he was a great choice to help me with my plans…. 

Fred D. – Pleasant Hill, CA

Edward Sanders has solutions to some very commonly overlooked future tax obligations.  Depending on the individual or business owner he is able to tailor a custom plan based on your needs.  His tax saving strategies will help us, retire with fewer taxes, fund a business venture or pay for a college education.  Thank you Edward for putting together another vehicle that will save my wife and I in future taxes…